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Efficient renaming and saving of CATIA models (products and parts)
Rename the part numbers, titles or file names of your models. Selected characters in the names can be inserted, replaced or deleted. The formulas, properties, parameters, BOM numbers are updated automatically. Products are saved according to rules.
Examples of use:
- Synchronize the part numbers <to> file names <to> file names
- Create new products from existing projects

CAT.SAVE MANAGMENT   [Version:  3.02.17  /  10.01.2017]

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Transformation of CATIA models to OEM compatible formats and UUID change.
Add, set, rename, translate and delete: axis systems, body, geometrical sets, parameters, properties and .. Copy parts and products into new starting models (exchange of UUIDs)
Examples of use:
- Adjustment and modification of parts and products
- Transformation of templates according to customers' requirements

CAT.Commander   [Version:  1.24.11  /  02.12.2016]

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CAT.Bill of Material (CAT.BOM)
Fill your BOM values and create your Bill of Material on the basis of your - company's requirements and templates
BOM properties or parameters can be defined in your company's templates. You can fill your values bi-directionally with CATIA. The modification of the values are very simple and are supported by value lists (combo boxes), calculations or inherit. You can not only use the classical product-part structures, but can also define a product-part-body structure. For the BOM export there is a preview function. The BOM can be calculated on selected levels. The expenditure for parts list can take place in freely definable, Excel templates, HTML, text file or CATDrawings.
Examples of use:
- Create your CATIA BOMs in company Excel templates
- Modify your properties or parameters

CAT.Bill of Material (BOM)   [Version:  3.10.1  /  1.3.2017]

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Change the links of your CATDrawing
CATIA does not allow the linking of CATDrawings to another part or product, since the UUID is not identical. This restriction does not apply for CAT.DrawingManagment. Therefore, you can change your outdated link, for example from an old drawing (or AllCATPart) to a new part (various UUIDs) or to any other product.
Examples of use:
- Updating your drawings and links (inc. AllCATParts-links)
- Assign template drawing to new parts or products.

CAT.DrawingManagment   [Version:  1.6.3  /  21.03.2015]

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CATKBL is an interface between electrical and mechanical harness design solutions.
CATKBL can synchronize the CATIA harness to the electrical connection scheme of ECAD. You can import and visualize the connection scheme, compare it with the designed harness, connectors, splice and protections and export the hole electrical topology to KBL. If you get updated bundle information's from your ECAD, you can easy change all bundle diameters in CATIA by one click.

CAT.KBL  [Version:  /  06.04.2016]

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