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CAT.CLEAN [Freeware]
Delete properties, parameters or formulas in 2D-drawings, parts or products
The goal of this freeware is to protect your engineering know-how. Frequently a lot of knowledge is deposited in CATIA models, in the form of properties, parameters or formulas. This knowledge can be deleted with one push of a button, without destroying the structure of your models.
Examples of use:
- Know-how protection
- Data transfer to PLM Systems

CAT.CLEAN   [Version:  1.0.10  /  25.10.2012]


CAT.Startmanager [Freeware]
Start from CATIA environments
This application makes a simple start up of customized CATIA environments possible. Additionally, per login name standard CATIA licenses can be pre-defined and/or be selected by the user from a pool of alternative licenses at the program start. The functionality is supplemented by freely configurable start buttons, which make possible to start PC programs.
Examples of use:
- Start up of CATIA customer environments
- License controlling with CATIA program start

CAT.Startmanager   [Version:  1.11  /  5.02.2014]

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