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Additional 3D - Tools


Create your drilling tables based on 3D parts, export it as a table or NC-Program
Parts are scanned for drillings. Automatically assign your drilling axis to the Z-directions. Diagonal bore groups can be assigned manually. The result is that one has access to drilling tables which can be export as Excel, NC code or drawing tables.
Examples of use:
- Create your own tables very fast
- Create a NC code for your drilling machine without a CAITA NC license

CAT.HOLE TABE   [Version:  2.22.0  /  25.10.2012]

Test license     Example [CATPart]

Copy repeatable geometry into your parts

A simple tool, which can copy repeatable geometry into your parts, according to the parameters
Examples of use:
- create rips, riffles, ...


CAT.SaveManagment Batch
Mass renaming of templates, parts, products and drawings.
Rename drawings, parts and products based on Excel tables. Additionally, you can create new properties or parameters. Update your drawing links to your new parts or products names and maintain all your product-parts links. Keep all your different CATIA versions in any part or product. The application can be started in batch mode.
Examples of use:
- Rename your old CAT data based on file systems and prepare it for a transfer into a new PDM system



Calculate projected surface, bounding box, main dimensions and volume from any part.

Examples of use:
- help for calculation
- help dimensioning of injection molding machines - Create your own tables very fast

CAT.Calc   [Version:  2.5.0  /  6.07.2015]

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